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We love to look at Human Design material and consider it for our store. We sell anything downloadable or products or services where we can be an affiliate. We do heavily curate our items.  

Currently we would love to look at audios, pdf’s, ebooks, courses and webinars, and are open to other genres. 

There are two ways we work and you can submit for either/or or both!  The first is you send us your material that you host and sell on your store and we are an affiliate for you. We list your product in our store and will promote as your affiliate and via your terms.

The second way to play with us is to submit your material to us and we will consider selling it in our store. Under this scenario we host, market the materials,  and collect our affiliate fees and pay you.

We reserve the right to decline any offers and to take down products at any time for any reason, even after accepting. We pay all money due every 30 days, 30 days after the sale. 

We hold no responsibility or guarantees and choose when and how to offer refunds.

The site is managed by GracePoint Matrix, LLC and complete terms and conditions can be found here.

If you don’t hear back from us, please reach out to orders @ or call 719-527-1404

P.S. If you have a Human Design book, and would like to publish with us or need information about our audio books and podcasts, please connect with us at publisher – @ –


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