Parenting The Child You Have Course


Did you know that there is an individual recipe for raising your child?

Yep. Each kid, even in a family with the same parents, raised in the same house, needs different things. As parents, we’re often focused on being fair or equal in our parenting -going to great lengths to ensure that each child gets the same amount of time, love, attention, gifts, clothing, etc.

We’re worried that our children or others will think that we favor one more than the other.

But the truth is, no two children need the same things. Because no two children are identical, even twins.

Every single person on the planet is an individual.

When we learn to parent in a way that honors our unique children, we free ourselves from parenting as we think we should and allow ourselves to parent in a way that makes sense for our children and us.

Rather than focusing on being equal, assuming that each child wants the same things, if we pause and sit back to observe our children, we’d see that they have different needs and desires.

One child may need more support and attention from you, while the other is fiercely independent. While you may view this independence as a turning away from you, it may just be part of their inherent design.

If you don’t know your child’s Human Design, you’re operating with a blindfold on, trying to do what you think is right while possibly missing the mark entirely on what they truly need from you.

What if, rather than guessing what they need, you had a map that told you more about their energy and natural tendencies? That would be amazing, right?

Such a thing exists. It’s the Human Design chart.

Join me for this unique course on parenting with Human Design

Parenting The Child You Have Course