Vendors FAQ

Getting Started

What are my selling fees / commissions as a vendor?

We will help promote and sell your products worldwide. In return, we take 50% of all downloadable and digital products. We deliver your digital products in a secure environment ensuring your course, webinar or pdf is not shared beyond your customer. For physical products we take a 10% commission and $5.00 per month per product (negotiable for lines). We collect the money and you get a packing slip in your email so you can ship the product to your customer (yes! you get your customers email and address!) We pay all owed payouts after 30 days to you, the vendor.

Payment Plans

If you have a product that is less than $75, the Payment Plan option will be disabled automatically.

To disable Payment Plans on any other products, such as Readings, email and we will handle this for you.

How to set a Product as Virtual / Downloadable


Please remember, if you are selling a product that DOES NOT need to be shipped out, you must set it as a “Virtual” or “Downloadable” product, or both. Otherwise your client may run into issues as the checkout page.


How can I create a Downloadable Product?

As a vendor you can create a physical product (that needs to be shipped), a virtual product (like a reading), or a downloadable product (any file, link, video, or PDF).


  1. To create a downloadable product, log into your account and go to your Vendor’s Dashboard.




2. In your Vendor Dashboard, on the right-hand side, click on the Products menu link, and then click on the Orange button on the right-hand side that says “Add new product“.


3. In the page that comes up, you’ll need to insert basic product information, such as Title, price, image, and the main category. Next click “Create Product“.


4. The next screen that will come up will allow you to edit more information about the product that you just created.

Check the 2 checkboxes next to “Downloadable” and “Virtual“.


5. Next, scroll down to the section that says “Downloadable Options“.

Under that section, you can click on the Green button “Add File” to add any file that you want your customers to receive when purchasing this product. You can attach more than 1 file by clicking on the Green button several times.


Don’t forget that you can also specify the following options:

Download Limit – how many times do you want to allow your client to download this file

Download Expiry – after how many days will the download link expire


How to create a Variable Product

If you are selling a product that has variations, for example a shirt that comes in 3 different sizes (S,M,L) and 2 different color (Black, White), you will have the following variations:

  1. Size S, Color Black
  2. Size S, Color White
  3. Size M, Color Black
  4. Size M, Color White
  5. Size L, Color White
  6. Size L, Color Black

In order for you to allow a buyer to choose a size and color when placing an order you must make sure that the product is classified as a Variable Product.

To do this, select this option when creating a new product:


After this you’ll notice that you can no longer just set a price for your product, because each variation combination may have a different price.

Now, to create the actual variation you’ll need to create a new Attribute and give it 1 or more values.

Once you do that, select the option that says “Create variations from all attributes” and click on Go:


You will now notice that that the different combinations of variations have been created below, you can click on each variation to edit it independently:



And finally, now when you go back to the product page you will have an option to select the variation that you just created on the back end.

How will my customers get their Downloadable Files?

Once a customer purchases your downloadable product, he/she will have access to download your files in 3 different ways:

  1. Download files right after checkout.
  2. Download files from the “Downloads” section after logging into an account
  3. Download files directly from Email 


Download files right after checkout

Right after the customer finished the checkout, they will have an option to download your files right there and then:




Download files from the “Downloads” section

During the checkout process, an account will automatically get created for your customer. Any time after the checkout, the customer will be able to log into their personal account and download the files by clicking on the Downloads link on the left-hand side:




Download files from the Email receipt

After the checkout is completed, the customer will get an email with a receipt for the product they just bought. The download links for your files will also be included in that email:




Please remember, you have an option to limit the number of downloads per client, so you can allow each file to be downloaded 1 time, or more.

You can also set an expiration time for your download links. For example, you can set the download links to expire after 1 days, 30 days, or have no expiration time at all.

If a customer tries to download your files after the expiration day, or if they are trying to download a file more than the allowed limit, they will get the following error message:



My clients are getting an error at checkout: "No shipping methods available"

This error happens in the following scenarios:

  1. When you have a physical product that you are selling in your vendor store that requires shipping, and you did not configure the shipping settings for your store.
  2. You are selling a “digital” product, like an eBook or a Coaching Session and you did not classify your product as “virtual”.
How can I generate an Invoice / Packing Slip

Generating an invoice or a packing slip for your order is easy.

Simply log into your Vendor Dashboard and click on Orders on the right hand side.

Under the Actions column you will have 2 different options that have a PDF icon on them, one of them will generate an invoice for this order, and the other will generate a packing slip:


How do I Add or Remove Coupons from my store?

Once you are logged into your account as a Vendor you can go to the following link:

You can add new coupons by clicking on the Orange “Add new Coupon” button or delete an existing coupon by hovering over it with the mouse and clicking on “delete”.