April Goff Brown

April Goff Brown

Going Beyond the SELF: How Human Design Can Help Evolve Our Humanity

    From early on, April has known she was here to help others. As she studied Human Design, she learned it was right there, in her chart. Human Design helped her write out her guiding Purpose Statement which says she is here to:

    • Guide others in embracing the wonders of life, deepening the meaning of their personal journey, restoring the flow where energy is stuck and reshaping a personal narrative from limiting beliefs to empowering ones.
    • Deepen and share wisdom for life’s experiences of possibility, purpose and transformation, Bring forth change and transformation in how we love and nurture ourselves and one another.
    • Live in the abundance of Spirit, surrendering with grace to the mysteries of life and Spirit as a quest for joy here in this lifetime.

    April Goff Brown is a Level 4 certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, a certified oracle card reader, an intuitive journey guide and life coach. Her Human Design energy type is a 6/2 Projector/Orchestrator with Emotional Authority. She is the author of a multiple award-winning children’s book, I Hug You in My Heart, and a co-author/contributor of three other books.

    April had a long career with groundbreaking work in the youth services/human development field where her passion for social justice emerged. Her study of Human Design focuses on the wisdom contained within it to support the evolution of humanity one person at a time.

    She is also a published author of the book Journey to Your SELF, Unlocking the Gates of Human Design to Awaken Your Inner Wisdom.

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    1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

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    Human Design Conference 2024 Day 2 September 14, 2024
    3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

    How Your Human Design Can Help Humanity