Laura Cardwell & Meghan O’Malley

Laura Cardwell & Meghan O’Malley

Embodied Leadership by Design

    About Laura Cardwell:

    Meet Laura Cardwell, a seasoned holistic health expert with a 15-year journey in Applied Neuroscience, Energetic Kinesiology, and Transformational Coaching, stands at the crossroads of science and well-being.

    Holding a degree in Holistic Health and pursuing advanced studies in Natural Medicine, Laura passionately explores the nuances of joy and self-actualization for herself and others. The mission is clear: to teach the importance of perspective, allowing individuals to step back, view life's grand panorama, and make corrections essential for cultivating joy and aligning with purpose.

    At the heart of Laura’s contributions is the transformative NeuroCohesion™ program, seamlessly blending holistic health and applied Neuroscience to unlock the secrets of a joy-infused, purpose-driven life.

    As the founder of Laura Cardwell Coaching, and the co-founder of The Candy Shop and Embodied Leadership By Design, Laura’s mission is to empower individuals to lead from the heart, embracing their inherent value, rewriting personal narratives, and opening themselves to greater abundance. Drawing from her own lived experiences and an expansive toolbox, Laura is here to guide and illuminate the path for you.

      About Meghan O'Malley

    Meghan O'Malley is a transformative force in the world of holistic personal growth. Her journey began with a nagging realization: while she had the perfect exterior, including a great reputation in her work as a licensed psychotherapist, something was still missing within. The truth is that she had been using her strong (and often stubborn) will to suppress her intuition, following the “shoulds” of life instead of the calls toward joy-full bigness.

    Meghan knew she always secretly wanted a life of bigness - of joy, of purpose, of heart and of impact, so she made a courageous commitment to restructure her life, choice by choice, to align with magical potential instead of the status quo. . . and she hasn’t looked back since.

    As the founder of Meghan O’Malley Coaching and co-founder of Embodied Leadership By Design & The Candy Shop, Meghan is on a mission to help brilliant individuals reconnect with their unique magic, create a life that's joyfully and unapologetically theirs, build fulfilling relationships, and live mind-blowingly inspiring lives. She believes that when we’re connected to our unique gifts and purpose, are listening to the wisdom of our bodies, and are cultivating a relationship with our deep inner guidance. . . life gets FAR more magical.

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