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Power, Patience, and Depth using Human Design 

Our Astrology and Human Design are two of the most important tools that we have throughout our lives, especially during this globally chaotic time. Our birth chart gives us a map of healing and deconditioning for those of us who have become, far from authenticity. In this process, we need great patience and compassion for our past and our healing process, because on the other side, by embodying our true being is great power. This power is moving and can guide us to create an existence more connected to ourselves and the Universe.

Even though the world does what it does, we have authority over how we react to it, how we can use the gifts of our design, and how we feel deeply connected to our being, our community and the Universe. 

In this section we are going to talk about each design and how each person can take charge of their lives with conscience, compassion and self-confidence.

Asha D Ramakrishna is the author of the # 1 Best Seller book “The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman”, where the Feminine Principles are revealed for a more organic and harmonious approach to life. With a background and experience in molecular biology and business development, she transforms all esoteric teachings into logical practical approaches to life. Asha is Minister of Spiritual Peace, seminarian and consultant for Feng Shui, Karma Healing, Human Design, to name a few. Its origins are from Venezuela and it has roots from India. She currently lives in the United States with her soulmate, two human daughters, a dog, and many chickens.