Gates to Soul Wisdom -Oracle Deck & Book


This beautifully crafted 80-card Gates to Soul Wisdom Oracle Deck helps bring your subconscious wisdom to the surface, and build your trust into your own intuition.

It is an innovative approach to tap into the dynamics of the soul – allowing you to gain new clarity in the root of situations or challenges on your path, and providing practical steps towards a solution.

The card deck consists of 80 cards:

9 Foundation cards, based on an extension of the Chakras that show insight about what the issue is rooted in.
64 Insight cards, based on the Hexagrams of the I Ching to give you more insight into the issue or situation, as well as a suggested intention or affirmation you can hold as you move through your day. You will also find the astrological zodiac symbols on the cards, which correspond to each Hexagram.
7 Resolve Cards, connected to the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ether and the energies of Diamond and the Moon. Drawing one of the Resolve cards offers you a specific way to approach the situation and point the way towards a solution.

How to use this Deck:
The Gates to Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards are different: learn to use your intuition in one of seven specific ways to find your answer. A book is included with several layouts to guide you and has explanations of each card.

Simply shuffle all the cards together and pull one for your focus of the day, or use one of the five different layouts to get deeper insight in situations or relationships.

In addition to pulling a daily card (always a favorite), there is a distinct layout for problem solving!

My hope is that the wisdom of these cards helps you reflect on your path, with specific qualities that you can draw on as you move through your life, and how to go about it. This oracle was designed to provide you with the practical and spiritual guidance to bring a gentle way of being and an experience of more flow in your life’s journey.

Working with these combined wisdoms has opened so many new opportunities for me, and I hope they will for you as well.

This is a physical product that will be physically shipped to you.