3 Session Messaging Master Class — Conference Special + Unique Pricing

Retail Price: $297
Special Conference Pricing: $147 with code SAVE150
Join us for a LIVE, powerful and transformative 3-part master class in which you will learn and practice:
  • Communicating with your potential clients, students and/or customers in ways that are clear, concise and compelling
  • Embracing and activating your Human Design super powers that relate to messaging, money and business
  • Harmonizing the hidden messages you may not even know you’re sending out based on your Human Design 
  • Clearing stuck and stagnant energy from out-dated beliefs and patters that may be repelling people without your conscious intent
Please watch my video presentation, “Messaging Made Easy with Human Design”, if you haven’t already for a deeper look at these issues and what the course contains. 
Course details (and see below for more):
Thursday Sept 24 Session 1: Create Attraction Statement
So that you are clear, concise and compelling people when they ask “what do you do?
Thursday October 1 Session 2: Clear Your Hidden Messages
So you are energetically transmitting your value, your readiness, your authority, and your ability to serve
Thursday October 8 Session 3: Activate Your Super Powers 
so that you gain access to all of your authentic power and authority, making your life and business flow more easily and creating greater outcomes with less effort
BONUS: 15-minute Human Design reading with me to identify your messaging super powers (when you register by September 17th)

This is a physical product that will be physically shipped to you.