Numerology Your Monthly Oracle and 12 Inspirational Cards


Have you noticed that sometimes you struggle and don’t have the energy to accomplish a goal, and at other times, everything falls into place, easily? Do you wish you knew the secret so that you could be clear about your objectives and know the right timing to take action? You’re invited to discover how to activate the energy of your personal creative cycles with Numerology. In this book you will: Understand the negative self talk and feelings of lack and unworthiness. Know how to stop pushing against your natural rhythm. Bring meaning and satisfaction into your life. Get to know yourself more intimately Be in sync with the right timing that is your unique creative flow. Numerology Your Monthly Oracle, is the first book in Decoding Your Soul series and introduces you to the energetic themes of numerology. This monthly oracle acts as a guide to connect you to your wholeness, helps you to recognize that you are enough just as you are and that everything that happens is for your benefit and is part of a Divine Timing that supports you in living your Life Purpose.

Numerology book and 12 oracle cards signed by the author.

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