Quantum Alignment 11-Session Bundle with A Cosmic Shaman™

Offered by Shelly L Liedtke


Through the Human Design-based Quantum Alignment System™ we can increase our ability to more easily bounce back from challenges that arise in our lives through the application of subtle energy modalities applied in specific ways in order to reconnect with the Heart and Soul of Who You Are. 

Discover the motivations that influence you when you make a choice in your life.

Experience a powerful, systematic approach to understanding your energy and the energetic forces that have influenced your life choices.

Clear away the cobwebs and pain of feeling unlovable, undervalued, unheard, disempowered and indecisive so you can stand empowered as your Authentic Self in the world.

Regain connection with your true joy, abundance and vitality.

These sessions can be a super lovely support for integrating the Archetypal Frequencies you have contained within the energy you carry at the DNA level by using your Human Design Body Graph as a foundational reference during these Quantum Alignment Sessions.

During these 11 Quantum Alignment Sessions you can feel comfortable addressing any pressing issues you may have regarding anything you’re concerned about in your life — Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotion — so you can feel better and live in an increased state of well-being in your life.

During These Sessions, you’re supported in doing this through the 9 Resiliency Keys of the Quantum Alignment System™:

1.     Lovability

2.     Empowerment

3.     Courage

4.     Decisiveness

5.     Emotional Wisdom

6.     Self Trust (Knowing How You “Know”)

7.     Vitality (Knowing How to Leverage Your Energy)

8.     Authenticity

9.     Self-Worth


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