Reflector Coaching Program


Walk confidently in your Reflector shoes so you can live a happy and healthy life.

Are you a Human Design Reflector eager to learn how to successfully navigate your unique design?

Reflector types are not like everyone else. We are rare and operate very differently than other people. With complete openness in our chart, we are extremely susceptible to life conditioning. But we don’t have to be.


What you’ll receive

3 x 75-minute coaching sessions tailored to suit your specific needs.

During these sessions we will explore your personal chart and discuss how you can work with your design and successfully fulfil your role as a Reflector.


You will also:

  • Learn how to harness the benefits of your openness while protecting yourself from the influence of others.
  • Understand how to operate your human vehicle so you can maintain optimum health and vitality.
  • Find the gems of wisdom in your chart that will enable you to live a happy and healthy life as a Reflector.
  • Work on the parts of your design that you struggle with the most so you can be free of these struggles and take back control of your life.


This is a virtual product that will be delivered to you online.