SALE: Enliven Your Relationship with a Human Design Relationship Reading

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Would you like to understand your Beloved even more deeply, 
appreciating who they are, and knowing how to navigate any challenge points with compassion and care?
If your romance is thriving,Human Design Relationship Reading will help you deepen your understanding and appreciation of each other, leading to greater intimacy, acceptance and ease.
If you’re experiencing challenges, a reading will reveal the energetic underpinnings of your misunderstandings and annoyances, helping you to depersonalize your struggles. It will also provide you with insight into what makes you strong together, and how you love, accept and appreciate each other even more.
Your partner is not purposefully doing things to annoy you, and they don’t have character flaws. They are different than you. Their design leads them to experience the world differently.
And while we all know this conceptually, we often find it difficult to practice the flexibility that’s required to make any relationship thrive.
When you receive a Human Design Relationship Reading with me, you’ll come to appreciate each other’s gifts and talents, your super powers, in new ways.
You’ll also see the hot spots with new eyes, bringing compassion and understanding. You’ll find it easier to decide what’s important to work on and what you can just let thing.
You’ll also gain visibility to each other’s soul curriculum, deepening your understanding of each other’s individual challenges and growth points.
You’ll be able to support each other from the insightful, yet neutral perspective of Human Design.

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This is a physical product that will be physically shipped to you.