SALE: Foundational Reading

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A Foundational Reading with me goes right to the heart of your gifts and strengths, your super powers, plus the challenges that are built into your design to help you grow and evolve.
As a certified specialist having done hundreds of readings, I can see the creative tension in your chart that is part of your soul curriculum, I can interpret your life purpose, and I can coach you on how to use your design to help you in virtually any area of life. I specialize in business, money and relationships, too. 
Reading books and taking courses are great and helpful. But they are no substitute for a foundational reading with a certified specialist. 
Why receive a reading with me in particular?
  1. I believe — I know — that everything is mutable. Nothing is fixed forever. It really is possible to change patterns you’ve had your whole life. I’ve done it and I’ve supported hundreds of clients to make deep transformational changes over the last 30 years. I can help you with that, too.
  2. I provide coaching on challenges you’re having, not just information. I explain everything to you in ways you can understand and immediately apply to your life. I place a very high value on making your reading relevant and helpful to your life right now. Plus I help you identify and move through any resistances you may have to becoming the person you really want and deserve to be. 

This is a virtual product that will be delivered to you online.