SALE: “Soul Journey” and “Personality Map” Hand Readings Plus Integration Session

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This includes both major Hand Analysis sessions I offer, plus a 30-minute follow-up Integration session.  So you get the Foundational “Soul Journey” Hand Analysis Session and the Personality Map Hand Analysis session.

The foundational reading is based on the information encoded in your unique fingerprints, which are formed by 14-16 weeks in utero, and never change.

In this 90-minute session, we will go over your Life School, your Life Lesson(s) and your Life Purpose.  This is your soul’s journey for this lifetime – what you came here to learn, who you came to be and your “operating system” (the filter through which you experience life).

It is life-changing information as it gives confirmation of, and permission to be, exactly who you really are, and enjoy it!!

In the second 90-minute session, we will go over all the other information in your hands, which comes from the lines and markings in the palms, which can change over time.  This is a map or chart of your “personality psychology”, covering how you process information and make decisions, gifts you possess and need to use in the world, challenges you experience, your emotional style,  how you express love and interact in relationships, and more.

Don’t worry about our physical locations!  These are NOT in person.

I will send you a simple hand-printing kit with detailed instructions (and a link to a video on it).  You make your hand-prints and fingerprints in ink, then send them back to me.  I analyze them, then we get on the phone (or Zoom) and go over everything.  I also record the sessions for you so you can listen again in the future.  And, I even send you a detailed written report for each session.

In addition, we will meet again a few days later for a 30-minute follow-up Integration session to review and further integrate what’s been coming up since the reading and how to move forward, utilizing all the juicy info in your hands. 

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Remember: Conference Special of $100 off with code IHD100


This is a virtual product that will be delivered to you online.