The Tao of Yahtzee


The Tao of Yahtzee shows you how to practice making the Law of Attraction work for you by playing a simple dice game. The Tao of Yahtzee was created as a result of wisdom and insights gleaned from many years of playing the game of Yahtzee and the game of life. Playing this simple, yet powerful dice game provides tools to increase your income, become more confident and effective in business dealings, working with your clients or family, and feel capable in any situation. In other words, empower yourself in every way. The game is all about choices and is a perfect indicator of where your energy and attention reside. The game of Yahtzee becomes a quick feedback system of your attitudes and underlying beliefs. Change your approach and get different results. Because playing the game is fun, easy, and safe, it has become a key component of my spiritual quest. As a result, I have more wealth and abundance, my income and net worth have increased and I have created a magical life that I love to live. I’m delighted to be alive! I’d love to share The Tao of Yahtzee’s wisdom with you and show you how to play Yahtzee to inspire and empower yourself in your life.

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