Unpacking the Human Design Reflector: Learning how to ‘be’ a Reflector in a Generator’s ‘just do it’ world.



This 40-minute coaching video from Amber Clements provides advice about how to live a more aligned Reflector life in a world that caters mainly to Generators and their ‘sacral doing energy’.

As a Reflector herself, and a human design coach, Amber is on a mission to help more Reflectors awaken to their innate Reflector abilities and find the magic and gifts within their completely open chart. When Reflectors learn how to operate their rare Reflector vehicle they can stop trying to act like everyone else and give themselves permission to fulfil their unique place in the world.

In this video, Amber provides advice for Reflectors about how to align with their purpose and authentically fulfil their Reflector observer role.

This is a virtual product that will be delivered to you online.