Be Who You Really Are with Marlene Bartlett
Be Who You Really Are with Marlene Bartlett

Be Who You Really Are with Marlene Bartlett

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Marlene Clay Bartlett is a Certified Hand Analyst and Life Alignment Coach who loves helping women be more successful in their businesses and their relationships by using the wisdom they carry in their hands to stop hiding, doubting and self-sabotaging, and start confidently expressing who they really are, by owning and embracing all parts of themselves.  She is a messenger who works with infinite intelligence and Hand Analysis to see the soul’s potential and energetically create new pathways to help her clients realign mentally, emotionally and physically with their core essence, where everything is possible. 

Marlene guides them to connect the patterns and touch-points that make up their soul signature and path, so they can release what’s keeping them stuck, move forward with clarity and confidence, and embody their innate gifts and unique design.  She connects deeply with her clients and especially loves the moments when they fully recognize and breathe in their own power and magnificence.   

Marlene discovered Scientific Hand Analysis at a pivotal time in her life, and it gave her the confirmation and motivation to make some exciting life-altering choices.  Now she’s thrilled to be providing that same service to demonstrate how you can align your life with who you really are, be healthier, have more fun, create the relationships you desire, and achieve your goals and dreams. 

Knowing and embracing who you really are allows you to have deeper, more meaningful relationships, more fulfillment in your career and daily life, and less stress and struggle. You can enjoy more peace and love as you gain insight and awareness, becoming empowered with the wisdom and consciousness literally at your fingertips!

Marlene also loves reading, learning, traveling, cats and dark chocolate 🙂