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Vendor Biography

My name is Stacy Cisneros and I am a 4/6 Projector.  I am medically empathic by design, and I am a practicing physician in Illinois.   I am also trained in an energetic modality called Infinity Healing, where I am a certified Advanced practitioner and trainer.  I am also certified as a level 4 Human Design Specialist.  In addition, I am also a certified level 2 Reiki practitioner.  My aim is to bring about healing and well-being through conventional and non-conventional modalities.

The Infinity Healing Technique is a modality that utilizes your conscious and subconscious beliefs and aligns these to the bigger picture (aka God/Source/the Universe, etc.).  Changes happen very quickly and powerfully when all of these elements are aligned, and many people, including myself, have felt physical energy shifting through the meditative process.  All of this energy is within you, and none of it comes from me; I just facilitate the process.

The Infinity Healing audios I produce are meant to be interactive.  By this I mean, as you listen along, I ask you whether you would like the Infinity Healing Technique to be applied to a certain topic.  The energy gets activated when you say “Yes” out loud in response to my question.  If you do not want the topic addressed with the Infinity Healing Technique, then you can stay silent.  If you fall asleep during an audio, that is okay- they are meant to relax both your conscious and subconscious mind.  But please do not simultaneously engage in activities that require your attention while listening to these tracks.

For more information, visit my website at: www.infinitelevelhealings.com

For more audios with Infinity Healing for the Human Design Centers and Gates, please go to my website, www.infinitelevelhealings.com/shop

If you would like a private session with me for either a Human Design Level 4 Read or an Infinity Healing private session, please schedule at www.infinitelevelhealings.com/schedule-session

Thank you for your interest in my work.